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The lovely and scenic town of Stillwater is a favorite for visitors. This oldest of Minnesota cities lies on the bluffs adjoining the St. Croix National Scenic Waterway at its midpoint, and is itself is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Logging was important in Stillwater’s early days, and many beautiful limestone buildings from that era now house specialty shops, antique and art dealers, inns, and a variety of restaurants. Beautiful churches and stately homes adorn its hillsides along with a historic courthouse and other architechturally significant buildings. Even the Water Deparment has a handsome home. Savor the details by walking or riding an excursion trolley; take to the river in a gondola or aboard a paddleboat for a broader view. When its time for refreshment, enjoy premier dining on land or aboard a train, sample lighter fare in a pleasant pub, or picnic in one of the lovely parks.

       The Renowned Lowell Inn            Rotunda - Historic Courthouse     The Main Street Stairs

The first bridge to Wisconsin was built nearly 130 years ago, and was replaced in 1931 by the Historic Stillwater Lift Bridge. Six vertical lift bridges were built in the region prior to World War II, but now only three survive.  This historic treasure is one of the most-photographed features in the St. Croix Valley. It can be appreciated from a number of venues along the riverside, on the city’s bluffs, by walking or driving across, or passing under it.

Lift Bridge from Lowell Park                                                  Gondola Passing Under                    Viewed from Pioneer Park

Back in History at the Warden's House   Fine Dining on a Scenic Rail Tour                                                     Refreshment Aboard a Paddleboat

Outdoor enthusiasts will find the land and river filled with scenic views and opportunities for action. Walk, bike, ski or take to the water. Canoes ply the waters north of Stillwater; enjoy sailing and powercraft southward.

There is much to enjoy in Stillwater any day of the year, and special events include art festivals, sporting events, seasonal celebrations, and more. Visit the Greater Stillwater Area Chamber of Commerce web site ( to learn more about this premier destination for Minnesota visitors and residents alike.

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